GOODS by J. Ludovico Farm

Opportunities too hard to resist have come our way. Hence, we are expanding our product offering. Anything outside of our main product, whole pasture raised chicken, will be under the brand, GOODS by J. Ludovico Farm.

Our first product from the GOODS brand will be for dogs in the form of treats and food. Our flagship whole ground up chicken is made from the same chickens that are offered at different food establishments on Oahu. The contents have been analyzed by PCAS in San Fernando, California and the guaranteed analysis printed on the corresponding label. The printed label is below.

Price for the ground up chicken starts at $7/lb. They can be bagged based on your canine feeding needs. We can package it in 2, 3, 5 , and 10lb bags.

We can also provide custom chicken blends based on your parts request. Price for custom blends start at $8/lb.

We also have a bento paw trial box. Paws are about 2oz patties and are great to test if your canine respond well to the product before committing to the bagged version. Bento paw trial box has 8 – 2oz paw patties and sells for $12.

For orders and inquiries:

Contact us: 808-628-0603 or

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