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J. Ludovico Farm is a family owned operations that started in 2011. The operation has three sites on Oahu. Two of the sites are focused on pasture raised poultry for meat. The third location is currently in development and will focus on specialty crops.

The Ludovicos did not intentionally set out to farm commercially. Julius has been trained previously, along with a group of cohorts in the concepts and applications of Korean Natural Farming under Han Kyu Cho/“Master Cho.” With new knowledge and an opportunity to practice on an acre and half, the ultimate goal was to supplement family and minimize food needs from supermarkets.

In the first year, various crops - asparagus, kabocha, lilikoi, cassava, bananas, dragon fruit, galangal and curry trees were planted. Two piglets, two goats and a small flock of ducks were added shortly after planting.

The chickens sneaked in by accident. A farmer friend offered a chance to bring a few egg laying chicks. Shortly after, meat chickens were added to the mix.

The operation has since focused on offering meat chickens raised on pasture and protected by using a movable bottomless coop/tractor. The coops are moved at an interval to minimize stress, maximize grazing time and optimal growth conditions.

The chickens are harvested and processed twice weekly. The chickens are subsequently provided to retail outlets and select food establishments the following day.