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Rainbow captured at the farm in Waialua at 9:30pm. The mist coming from Wahiawa combined with the lights reflecting from the high school football field created this one of kind experience. The phone camera compensating for the lack of light made it possible to capture this moment.
Inside our facility

J. Ludovico Farm is a family owned operations that started in 2011. The operations has three sites on Oahu. Two of the sites are focused on pasture raised poultry for meat. The third location is currently in development and will focus on specialty crops.

The operations did not intend to be a commercial endeavor. The initial goal was to supplement food needs for the growing family and minimize food needs from the markets.

With some training and knowledge in Korean Natural Farming gained by Julius Ludovico in 2010, an acre and half was presented to practice and apply a gardening/farming endeavor. In the first year, crops such as asparagus, kabocha, lilikoi, cassava, dragon fruit, curry trees, bananas, and galangal were grown. Two pigs, two goats, and a group of ducks were added shortly after.

The chickens sneaked in by accident. At first , a flock of 50 laying hens and eventually settling to about 200. The meat chickens were added concurrently during this time. The other animals were eventually phased out slowly. And after a few years, the egg laying hens too.

We have been very fortunate to acquire help and assistance from many individuals and other businesses which allowed us to operate for the past ten years. Our continued success is a reflection of everyone’s support. For that, we are very humbled and grateful.

J. Ludovico Farm consists of Julius, Jamie, Maria, Lucy, Ellie, and Jack Ludovico.

Outside our facility


Gained and applied knowledge combined with repetitive consistency, overtime, produces wisdom and systems efficacy. This has proven true for us. We now offer these expertly gained knowledge to anyone interested.


Almost everyone can grow their own poultry for supplemental sustenance. However, not everyone is willing or have the capacity to cull. We provide this service for a fee, for personal (and family) consumption. We also provide slaughter class quarterly. Check periodically for upcoming dates.


We provide consulting services for small poultry production. This can range from starting from the ground up to scaling current operations. We can design a pathway to fit your needs.

For questions about our services, please contact us:

By email: jludovicofarm@gmail.com

By phone : 808-628-0603

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