Pasture Raised Chickens

We offer whole, fresh, locally grown, and pasture raised chickens on Oahu. Chickens are culled twice a week. Retail and wholesale direct purchase are by pre-order. Current direct price is $5/lb. Size range are 3-5lbs. To order direct, send email: or call/text: 808-628-0603. Pickup is at our facility in Kahaluu on Tuesday|Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm or $20 delivery within Honolulu.

Multiple retail outlets on Oahu carry the whole chickens at a markup. For a list of retailers as well as restaurants that serve the chickens, please see the Find us link.

GOODS by J. Ludovico Farm are sibling products of the flagship pasture raised chickens. The farm name has been associated and synonymous with the chickens. In order to put a shine on other product offerings, anything outside of the whole pasture raised chickens will be under the GOODS by J. Ludovico brand. Current product offerings are presented below.

Ground up, raw, whole chicken for Dogs

The same chickens served at some of the finest restaurants on Oahu can now be served to your precious dogs. The whole chicken – from head to toenails and everything in between (minus the feathers) – is ground up and packed in 3lb zip bags and are kept frozen.

Price for a 3lb bag of ground up, whole, raw chicken for dogs is $20.

We can create custom weight content for $7/lb.

To order: call or text 808-628-0603 or by email:

Pickup is at our facility in Kahaluu on Tuesday|Thursday 9am-12:30pm or $20 delivery within Honolulu.

Dog Treats

To order treats: send a text – 808-265-3878

To pay by Venmo – 808-265-3878

You can pickup treats at our facility in Kahaluu on Tuesday|Thursday 9am-12:30pm or it can be sent through the mail. Shipping is free for Oahu residents with a minimum of $50 purchase and $10 for every where else.

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